One cannot visit the island of Nantucket and not be completely entranced by the beautiful houses, glorious gardens, and the surrounding beaches. As we recently explored the island I found myself constantly having to pinch myself, as each house and garden that I came across outdid the previous one. In particular I was drawn to all of the different gates that offered a framed window into the enchanting gardens beyond.
I found that the arched arbor with the white pickets were typical for Nantucket and I loved all of the different variations.

Another common feature of Nantucket gardens were the beautiful old hedges with many of them forming arches above the gates.

It had rained heavily the night before leaving everything wet and smelling wonderful. I loved the patina of moss on this old wood gate.

During one of our bicycle trips to Sconset, which is on the same island, I came across this charming cottage. Note how the climbing roses are trained to continue over the roof. Another common garden feature in Nantucket.
Even the birdhouse in the distance is charming.
I almost fell off my bike when I came across this extraordinary hedge.

Another photo of the same gate showing the gardens beyond.

The dramatic height of these hedges created an amazing perspective drawing your eye to the front door.

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