Ocean View

Our client’s lifelong love of Japanese culture and art, combined with his love for the sea inspired the design direction for this very special project. Our goal was to create a serene interior though the architecture, materials and furnishings. The very first piece we purchased for the home was a unique and striking Japanese panel, titled Lone Pine at Waters Edge, which provided further inspiration for the project and the color palette throughout. This particular piece features hand embroidery, painted silk, and gold dust creating a wonderful yet subtle textural backdrop for the living room. Additionally, we also used a fine selection of contemporary Japanese calligraphy paintings and antique wood block prints to continue the theme throughout. The tones of the outside sand and dunes also inspired the colors and fabrics throughout. Rift sawn white oak paneling, cabinetry and doors mixed with textured limestone, bronze and plaster complemented the subtle textural fabrics that were used on the furnishings. The furnishings were chosen for their sculptural qualities and simpler forms resulting in a harmonious quality between the architecture and decoration.

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