Last year during our trip to the South of France we spent one day roaming the streets of St. Remy de Provence, enjoying its charming, winding streets and beautiful architecture while dashing in and out of a variety of fabulous one of a kind shops and galleries.

We were thrilled to discover the gallery of Thierry Mysius, a local artist with galleries in both St. Remy and Brussels. We were immediately captivated by his dreamy visions of ideal interiors and surrounding landscapes. One has a sense that you can literally walk into his idealized realms with their lofty heights and sparsely furnished interiors. The mode of his paintings recall the Art Deco paintings of Tamara de Lempicka and the erotic suggestions found in the paintings of Balthus. Sans the figures of course.

He has also painted a brilliant “Chapeau” series, one of which I am proposing to a client for their aubergine lacquered bar.

Be sure to check out his own blog, which includes many more examples of his work.
All images used with express permission from the artist.

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