When I think of Eden I think of the magical gardens and follies of Stowe. One of the finest surviving examples of English Baroque splendor of the early 18th century.

The building that I have painted is one of a pair that flanks the entrance road to the estate. The pavilions were originally designed by James Gibbs and one of the two was completed in 1729 with the second being completed in 1734. Originally the pavilions were capped by large obelisks that began just above the four pediments. How incredible they must have appeared! The obelisks were replaced by the dome and cupola as they are shown around 1754 by the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Bora. As much as I love the pavilions in their present state I would have loved seeing the almost surreal appearance of them with the obelisks. I am researching the designs and intend to paint one of the pavilions in it’s former state.

If only I had the room and the money to build one of these enchanting pavilions in my backyard.

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