Whether I am designing an entire house or just a single room I am always looking for something special that will really take the space to another level and make it more luxurious. I am drawn to understated luxury in a room with elements that exude refinement and elegance. Sandra Jordan’s line of Prima Alpaca fabrics are one of my “must haves” in creating such a space.
With a full range of deliciously rich colors from pale neutrals to reds, blues, greens and even black I find that it is always easy to include her fabrics in my color palettes. She has even created an exciting range of brighter colors including a bright leaf green to one of my personal favorites, “Geranium”, which is similar to a more vivid terra cotta. In addition to her large selection of solids her line also includes several patterns including tonal stripes and plaids, which are in the Prima Alpaca as well. In fact I used the “Silver Oak” stripe for a custom bedspread that I had made for my room at last years DC Design House. I found that the visitors in my room kept coming back to that bedspread wanting to experience Alpaca’s incredible softness by touching it. It is also incredibly durable and is perfect for upholstery use and bedding.
The collection is shown in many showrooms all over the country including Holly Hunt in L.A. and Washington DC. To learn more about Prima Alpaca and the Sandra Jordan Collection be sure to visit her gorgeous web site.

All above photos are the property of the Sandra Jordan collection and have been used with permission.

Guest Bedroom-2010 DC Design House-Michael Hampton Design

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