For our last night in Provence we decided to treat ourselves to an extraordinary meal at an extraordinary restaurant. Located in the charming and picturesque village of Cucuron, La Petite Maison has long had a reputation as one of the finest restaurants in Provence. Before we even entered the restaurant we knew that we were destined for a special experience. The exterior defines the relaxed beauty of Provence and inside was pure refinement and elegance.

The postcard perfect exterior of the restaurant.

Our tables awaits! The rooms felt like one was stepping back in time with the beautiful 18th century mirror and drop leaf tables. With the exception of a very few recessed lights the rooms and tables were illuminated by candles and lamps.

A gorgeous and simple arrangement of Lilies of the Valley, which flourish in the late spring months. With a stunning and enormous backdrop of an 18th century painted canvas that resembled tapestry.

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