It can be so elusive to try and imagine ones own dream home with complete clarity. As a designer the things that inspire me can go in so many different directions. One day it can be a minimalist house by John Pawson and the next it can be a French Normandy style by David Adler.

But after reading yesterdays Style magazine in the New York Times I think my inner search for my dream home has come to an end.
The house is definitely modern, which I find myself leaning towards more and more. But my connection and love for this house is it’s connection to nature. It doesn’t fight it, it celebrates it and literally has become part of the landscape by being carved into the rock and with the use of the sod roof. The expansive steel windows frame the beauty of the sea blurring the line between house and water.
Once inside the house softens a little with the softness and textures of the fabrics and wood. Some may argue that it appears a little chilly but I love the contrast of the velvet and concrete and the juxtaposition of the Louis XV style chandelier and wall sconces. It warms the interior and becomes a personal reflection of the owner. In my own work I always strive to make the house a reflection of my clients rather then being all my own.
But the most exciting element to me is the bathroom vanity that is carved out of the rock that seems to flow like lava from the outside to within. It is a dream come true!
What does your dream house look like? I would love to know.

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