I have always had a particular fascination with fountains. Perhaps it is the relaxing sound of the water, bubbling forth from some secret source, or maybe it’s how they draw you to them with their beauty and charm and the promise of delight.

David and I came across the fountain above as we were exploring the maze of streets in the Marais during our most recent trip to Paris. As we turned the corner to a dead end alley my breath stopped for a minute upon seeing this beauty. While strolling in Paris I always have the essentials. Camera, measuring tape, and my sketchbook in case I find something that I may paint later. David always generously lends a hand to help me measure. So I was able to measure it as best as I could so that I could draw it to scale back home.

Unfortunately I do not have any historical background on the fountain since there were no plaques of mention of the architect anywhere. My guess is that it is mid to late 18th century.

The fountain below may or may not even exist but a dealer I found on line was selling it. Although I did not buy it I used it as a model for practicing the Beaux Arts method of painting in grey washes. Like the fountain above it could have also have been used to terminate the end of a street or to grace the side of a building in a charming Parisian square. Maybe I will come upon it during our next visit to my favorite city?

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