Recently, I came across an amazing book on the history of Chinese ceramics through the ages. The beauty of the various pieces inspired me to recreate a selection of them in watercolor. The paintings began as small studies that I did on small, square sheets of handmade paper from India. My intention was to do larger versions but I found that I really enjoyed painting them in a smaller size so I decided to move forward and create a whole series. Each piece will be framed individually in a deep silver leaf molding and the painting itself will be floated on acid free paper with spacers. I am having one framed right now as a sample before I move forward with the rest.
What I love about many of the pieces is their modernity and simplicity of form. As well as the refinement of the various glazes.
Each painting will be available for sale so please let me know if you are interested in pricing.

Eastern Han Dynasty, green glaze pot. 206 BC – 220 AD

Eastern Jin Dynasty, blue brown glaze spotted jar. 317 – 420

Ming Dynasty, lidded jar in rivaling colors. 1368 – 1644

Neolithic Age, colored pottery pan. 3200 – 2700 BC

Neolithic Age, colored pottery striped vase. 4000 – 2000 BC

Neolithic Age, red pottery double handled jar. Qia Jia Culture- 2400 – 2000 BC

Qing Dynasty, crab shell blue glaze vase. 1644 – 1912

Song Dynasty, Black Flowered Vase. 960 – 1279

Song Dynasty, carved flower vase. 960 – 1279

Song Dynasty, Big Vase. 960 – 1279

Tang Dynasty, exclusive imperial eight facet vase. 618 – 906

Western Jin Dynasty, blue glaze double eyed pot with holes. 265 – 316

Western Jin Dynasty, footed washing vessel. 265 – 316

Western Jin Dynasty, blue glaze jar of net patterns. 265 – 316

Tang Dynasty, tricolor plus blue small vase. 618 – 906

Qing Dynasty, Lang kiln red glaze vase. 1661 – 1722

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong reign, zun vase. 1736 – 1795

Ming Dynasty, Zhengde reign, peacock green glaze bowl. 1368 – 1644

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