Recently, a very stylish and fun client of mine here in Santa Fe came to me with an unusual request. To help freshen up her and her husbands Airstream trailer. I have always had romantic notions of traveling across the country someday in an airstream of my own. For many of us, myself included, the Airstream has come to represent a nostalgic symbol of true Americana and the idea of traveling in style and comfort. So I jumped at the opportunity to help!

When she told me that it was parked in a garage on one of their properties I immediately had visions of a faded relic with a crumbling interior that needed to be restored. But upon seeing it in person I was thrilled to see that it had been worked on in recent years and was in gorgeous condition.

The interior is finished in a gorgeous walnut veneer and stainless steel.

Love the riveted porthole window to the loo.

Our inspiration was color, bright color! I have to admit I was stepping out of my color comfort zone a bit, which I was happy to do. In fact one of the first things that inspired us was the idea of using painted French bistro furniture outside in vivid, chromatic colors and to use coordinating colors for the awning and interior fabrics. Bringing the outside in and the inside out.
Bright colors! And all outdoor fabric.
Such a wonderful detail on the door.

Love my clients shirt!
I will keep you all posted on the progress.

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